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CandyVille FrootFab Kachcha Mango Candy Jar 400g

CandyVille FrootFab Kachcha Mango Candy Jar 400g

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CandyVille brings to you a really exciting and frootilicious candy with a nostalgic flavour of Kaccha Aam. Kachi Kairi, Kachi keri, Kaccha mango, Kaccha aam - we all have had this candy as a part of our lives as kids. Now is the time for retro. Try our Kaccha aam candies that exactly replicates your childhood taste.

  • Export Quality - CandyVille's traditional candies are manufactured in FDA registered facilities and are exported to the USA. We maintain quality standards at each level of the production process to ensure that our products come out well against the export quality criteria.
  • Fun-sized and delicious It's the perfect pass-time snack to share with your friends and family and can be carried around anywhere. FrootFab Mix Fruit Candies are your go-to companion whenever you want that slurping experience with sugar rush.
  • Safe for Kids - CandyVille's candies have no masala centre filling, and do not try to be spooky by being too sour or too hot. These are just clear sugar candies made with responsible flavouring and colouring. That said, we never miss to hit the tune of flavour and fun as much needed. No Transfat and No Preservatives added.
  • Great for Gifting - These candy jars make a perfect choice for gifting all round the year. We get you covered for Birthdays, Mother's day, Father's day, Valentines Day, Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Ramzan, Christmas, Halloween, Return gifts and what not. These also make a great option for employee and client gifting for onboarding, accomplishments and celebrations.
  • Portable yet Sturdy Jars - These candies are packed in travel friendly jars that you can carry and place these any where you would want to. With our Mint Mello range, set up your refreshing candybar right at your office desk, kitchen pantry or anywhere you would want to.
  • Hygienically Packed Indian Candies - At CandyVille, we strive to deliver our delicacies in hygienic and convenient packaging that withstands the shipping journey. Our processes and practices ensures that these candies reach you at the heights of hygiene and safety.

Store air tight in room temperature . Avoid direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lavanya Sharma
Green Mango treat

Childhood memories. Good Candy.

Manav Singh
Sweet Mango Treat

Punchy kachi keri flavour.

Khushi Jain
Kaccha mango bite

Kaccha mango bite taste

Meera Patel
Masti Flavours

Kaccha aam ka childhood memories. Love this candy

Karan Gupta
Kacchi Kairi ka swad

Kachi kairi candy and nostalgic taste

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